Can you guess a country by its playing cards?
The most interesting card patterns are in China, Japan, India, Germany, Spain and England. The cards there are so different, they are easily recognized.

Germany Cards

Germany has been known for their excellent quality playing cards since centuries. The country is also known for its variety of decks that have been used in different regions. Since the earliest centuries, card packs in Germany were made with different types of suit symbols and it was only later in the 17th century that the French designs were adopted. Most of these early card patterns are still used today in Germany and you can know about them at any German casino Reviews.

Special features of German cards

The traditional German decks are known as Skat and are named after one of the most popular card games in the country. These decks have four different suits, Accorns, Leaves, Bells and Hearts that correspond to Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts in the French suits.

The hearts that are found in the traditional German cards are quite similar to the ones we see today in the modern cards except that half of them have been shaded; the same is the case with the other three suits. The bells are round in shape with a little stone inside and are according and the other two suits are also in keeping with the tradition of the rural German traditions.

In the northern part of Germany the decks that were used for playing the skat game had 32 cards. Each suit had cards that were of value from 7 to 10 along with an ace. In the southern regions of the country, other games were more popular like the Tarock and Schafkopf. For Tarock a 78 card deck of tarot cards is used and the trumps are removed. A skat deck with 36 cards in which the suits starts from 6 is used in these games. No jokers are seen in either of these decks or games.

The Doppelkopf Card Game

Another popular game in Germany is Doppelkopf, meaning double head, in which another kind of deck is used. The game is named so because all the subjects are duplicated in the game. All the suits are reduced to make the total card number 48. The nines, tens, the aces and the three courts are removed from the decks. The same deck which is used in Doppelkopf is also used for the game of Schnapsen; however, only half of the deck is used. Several manufacturers today also sell a special edition deck of Schnapsen which has 24 cards.

In most German cards, the three courts have a U index for low knave and an O index for high knave and K for a King. All types of German decks do not have the same patterns or indices. The highest value card in each suit is known as a Daus or deuce and looks like a 2. The card has the same value as an ace and in several German card variations it also bears an A index.

Each part of Germany has its own special card deck and their own favorite card games, the northern and the central regions of Germany use 32 card decks for playing skat while the southern parts use a 36 card deck.

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