Card history reveals things you had no idea of
Having derived from China the cards travelled all over the world acquiring interesting features and changing its main colors, suits and pictures.

Live Dealer Games

It’s been an interesting ride since the world of the online casino like Unibet casino burst onto the scene as Blur and Oasis were battling it out for supremacy in the 1990s. When the business created an online casino it was a completely different model from its brick and mortar cousin. But as things have evolved the casino business has realised that the customer likes to have their cake and eat it.

Live Dealer online casino games are extremely popular. They allow the user to have the online gaming experience, but they can see and interact with a real human being in the form of a live dealer.

Essentially, companies hire live dealers and then film them whilst operating the games from a warehouse in a completely different country. What you see from the safety of your own home is the dealer, the table and the livery of the company that they represent.

Almost every casino will have a female live dealer and they will all be extremely attractive. It adds to the voyeuristic addiction to it. After all, the online casino is a male dominated environment, and males like to look at beautiful women.

The main games that are controlled by live dealers are Blackjack and Roulette, although further games are also gaming popularity such as Casino Hold’em. The only downside to the live dealer experience is you cannot play for free money, like you can do on virtually all of the other games that you will find available at the online casino.


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