Card history reveals things you had no idea of
Having derived from China the cards travelled all over the world acquiring interesting features and changing its main colors, suits and pictures.

Other Uses for Cards

Card games have been a popular pastime for people around the world since centuries. The first known card game was played in China in the 9th century as a form of entertainment. Soon enough, their popularity spread over the world. Very soon, each country had their own card games and their own versions of playing cards.

Today, playing cards have become an essential part of the culture and tradition of many countries. However, playing cards are not only used for card games. Over the years, people have found various innovative uses for cards.

Magic tricks

One such popular use of cards is for magic tricks. Since centuries magic through cards has captivated and enthralled people in many countries. It is believed, that card magic tricks date back to the 16th or the 17th centuries. Even today, card tricks are the most basic form of magic and are very popular. Special trick decks and magic cards are available that help magicians perform various elaborate tricks without any difficulty.

Tarot readings

Another popular use of cards has been for Tarot readings. Tarot cards are known to have existed since the 15th century. According to scholars, Italy was the first place where Tarot had been developed as a card game. The tarot cards are significantly different than the playing cards that we know today and the symbolism of the figures on these cards is believed to be an important ancient stream of knowledge that has been used since centuries for predicting future. Tarot cards are still very widely used today, several people take extensive training in reading tarot cards to be able to decipher the messages that are being revealed by the figures in these cards.

Fortune telling

Cards have also been used for centuries for fortune telling and divination. It is believed that playing cards began to be used as a medium of predicting the future in mid 18th century in England. However, in other European countries this art had been practiced much earlier. France in particular had been involved in the use of cards for fortune telling since as early as the 16th century. Even today, cards are still being used for receiving divine messages and indications as well as for predicting fortune.

Other than these too, playing cards have been used in a variety of ways. Cards and decks are not just used for playing card games but are often a prized possession for various card collectors. Several rare and expensive card packs are often made from luxurious silver and gold material and decorated with elaborated carvings and designs as souvenir packs or as a unique gift.

No matter how cards are used, they continue to be an intrinsic part of the lives of people in countries throughout the world.


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