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Silver Cards

Card players from earlier centuries had often come up with innovative cards. It wasn’t uncommon in those days to find playing cards that were hand painted on tortoise shells, sea shells, palm leaves and various other materials.

Precious cards around the world

The royalties of all countries had special liking for elaborate playing cards. The Kings and Queens and noble families in those days never played with the cards that we use today for our weekly poker nights. Instead, they had their playing cards made especially for them from skilled artisans. Royalties from India, Spain, Italy and France were known to have special sets made from expensive materials like enamel, copper, silver etc that were then engraved and embellished with precious stones.

Wealthy card players have always had a liking for expensive sets of cards that were gilded; hand painted, illuminated or was printed from fine engraved plates. According to various sources and ancient records, the French court often used silver playing cards for their card games during the rule of Louis XV. Silver cards became quite fashionable around the 16th century. Several noble families in those times had their playing cards custom made for them from silver with beautifully detailed engravings. These were either in Italian, German or French suits and were often kept as a Royal display commodity.

Modern Silver Cards

Even today, a few museums have silver cards in their collection that date back to the early centuries. Museums in Madrid and Italy are known to have collections of silver engraved cards that probably belonged to Spain or Peru and were made in the 18th century.

Even today it is possible to get custom made silver playing cards as a novel gift to someone. Several people who like to collect cards often are on the lookout for skilled artisans who can engrave these detailed court cards on silver sheets to make unique one of a kind playing cards set. However, this definitely comes at a price.

Several others just get the card deck case made in silver with fine detailing and carving rather than getting the entire set made in silver. Whichever way it is, silver continues to have a significant place in people’s hearts even today and it can be understood why the royalties in those times preferred silver cards rather than the everyday cards used by common people.

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