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Special Packs

With the rise in popularity of card games in the 18th and 19th centuries, playing cards started to be manufactured in bulk. To meet with the rise in demand, card manufacturers copied various designs and card patterns that were popular in those times and used those to print their cards in large quantities to make them available to the general public at affordable costs.

Due to this, often times the result was that the original designs were misrepresented and crude designs on inexpensive cards were sold at low costs. Serious card collectors today are often on the lookout for something different than the varieties that are easily available in the market.

Special limited edition playing cards

Several artists and designers often сreate their own set of playing cards based on the original earliest designs and publish them as limited edition card decks in the market. These special packs can be quite expensive since they cost of manufacturing them is very high in the first place. Also, it can be very difficult to acquire them since they are sold out almost as soon as they are launched. In most cases, these special packs are made only on request and several times custom made as per the requirements of the client.

In the past some of the special packs that have been introduced have often been based on the original earliest specimens of playing cards. Spanish suited playing cards which are based on the designs of the original 16th century cards from Spain are often manufactured and sold. Unlike the decks that are found today, these packs have the traditional suits of batons, swords, cups and coins.

Examples of special decks of cards

Simon Wintle is a very well known playing cards designer and has come up with several limited edition playing card packs. One of his editions was a replica of an original 17th century playing cards that were used in England. These cards were made in the traditional way, with the help of wooden blocks for printing and were colored with stencils. The court cards that were a part of this pack had been used again in the Millennium pack as well.

Another noted special pack was designed by Karl Gerich. Karl Gerich had introduced cards that were hand printed with the help of engraved copper plates. The cards were then hand colored with the help of stencils. These striking cards had several noteworthy elements in the design like nursery rhymes and other patterns. The court cards had characters from various fairy tales and mythological stories. Till date, Karl has produced and sold seven limited addition special packs.

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