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Translucent Cards

Move cursor over the card to see what it looks like when are held up to strong light

Playing cards have always been an important part in the culture of various countries. Card games have existed from as long back as the 9th century and over the years have spread to countries throughout the world. Every country has their special card pattern and regional games.

During the past centuries, innovative card decks have often been made. In the earlier times, cards were often made on wooden blocks, engraved or hand painted in various elaborate designs that often depict court figures and scenes from every day life in that particular area.

Several card decks have also been known to be made from expensive material like gold and silver leaves and embellished with various precious stones. However, these were mainly used by Royalties and the general public only used the standard cards that were of crude quality and designs and did not last long.

On the history of Translucent cards

One of the most interesting cards that have been made over the years is the translucent pack of cards. Translucent cards have been made since mid 1800s and many different varieties of these cards exist in France. Of particular note are the translucent erotic packs of cards. These packs were probably made in France around 1850. While on the surface they look like normal cards with numerals and court cards, when they are held up to strong light various erotic images are revealed.

Erotic Cards

These erotic pictures are concealed in the middle layer of each card and are covered with the normal surface of cards. When they are held up to light various erotic pictures and entire series of orgies can be seen. In most of these cards, Royal figures and Kings and Queens are shown in various sexual positions. There is no proven information on who had manufactured or when exactly these were manufactured.

Erotic cards have long been used in various card games. In India, the Ganjifa game of cards had been played since the Moghul times by the Kings. These Ganjifa cards were circular in shape and were hand painted with scenes from everyday life and royal Indian figures. Often times, these cards had several erotic pictures hand painted on them which were then used by the Royalties to play with in select company. However, there were only very few of these cards made and none are known to exist today.

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