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Having derived from China the cards travelled all over the world acquiring interesting features and changing its main colors, suits and pictures.

When to Split

When you are dealt a pair in blackjack at the start of the game your number of options on your next move increase to three.

Not only are you are able to stick and twist, as you always are, but you can split your pair to create two separate hands in the bet365 casino room.

Before you decide on your decision, you have to consider that if you choose to go with a split, you have to place more of your bankroll onto the table. An extra stake is required for your new hand.

When it comes down to which pairs to split in the game, there is a divide in opinion. However, there are certain values which should not be separated. These include 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings. Together they add up to 20 which is a good enough total to win most hands. Blackjack is not about hitting 21, the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand, therefore you should not risk splitting any of these values or else you could end up worse off than you started.

In contract to 10s and picture cards, a pair of aces is a good hand to split. Combined together the two cards only add up to 12 or 2. However, when you create two hands, you are only one card away from a blackjack or 21. It is certainly worth putting into the middle of the table your extra stake as you will be a good position to win with a least one hand.

A pair of eights is also generally advised as a good hand to split. If you choose to stick on eights, your total is 16 which is usually a target the dealer is likely to surpass, unless they bust. However, when you hit on this number, there is a strong chance you will exceed 21 yourself. By splitting, you take away the dilemma.


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