Collecting - How about a deck worth $150,000?
Card collectors can own a collection worth thousands of dollars and some cards on its own may worth a lot even though you can't say it from the first sight.

Playing Card Collection

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Playing cards have been an integral part of the culture of various countries throughout the years. Card games have existed since as long back as the 9th century when they first originated in China. Over the centuries, playing cards have been adopted and produced in several countries in Asia as well as the western countries.

According to some scholars, playing cards were first made in Spain, Italy and England in the Western part of the world. Several changes have been made to playing cards over the centuries and many people have been fascinated with this evolution. Card collection has been a hobby as well as a serious endeavor for people from across the world for centuries. Several museums have extensive collection of cards and decks that date back to centuries.

Anyone who is interested in collecting cards or decks can do this is several different ways. The main approaches in card collections are:

Joker collection

The Joker has been a fascinating card in any deck. The Joker had not always been a part of the traditional decks but had been later introduced in the 16th century. Out of all the court cards, the Joker has the most variety in terms of designs, which is why it is one of the most widely collected cards. Several people collect Joker cards from different eras as well with different designs.

Court cards

The court cards are the most vivid and innovative in terms of design. Several court cards that we see today in the modern decks have been almost the same as they were centuries ago. In the earlier centuries, the court cards had been made according to the culture of the country, with the figures dressed in the traditional elegant attire and holding medieval weapons. Court cards make for an excellent card collection theme.

Special edition cards

Card manufacturers from many countries introduce special edition decks of various themes every few years. Card collectors jump to this opportunity and try to collect some of the most fascinating packs that have ever been introduced and are very difficult to find since there are only a few packs which are introduced at once.

Vintage cards

Vintage card collection could be cards that date back to the earlier centuries and have been found during excavation works or even specially made card packs, which have been handed down through generations as a part of heirloom. Several precious card packs exist which have been made from copper leaves and engraved with beautiful designs, there are also a few which have been made with precious stones and expensive gold and silver leaves. These could be very difficult to find, but nevertheless, one of the most fascinating card packs to possess.

Apart from these, there are several different variations of  cards that are available and have been collected by museums and card collectors over the world.


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