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Types of Decks

Playing cards have undergone quite a lot of change since they were first used. The card games were first known to be played in China in the 9th century and their popularity slowly spread through the world. Today, there are several different types of card decks being used through the world, from the most common ones that are seen everywhere to some very rare special edition packs.

Translucent cards

Playing cards have always been an important part in the culture of various countries. Card games have existed from as long back as the 9th century and over the years have spread to countries throughout the world. Every country has their special card pattern and regional games. Among the various types of playing cards that have been made over the years, the translucent cards are one of the most fascinating.

Transformation cards

Transformation playing cards are those in which the pips and the numerical cards are incorporated into an existing design rather than on a plain background. In the traditional transformation playing cards, the pips would have their original color as well their position.

Simultane Playing cards

The Simultane playing cards were introduced by Sonia Delaunay and are one of the most vivid and colorful cards to be ever made.

Silver cards

Card players have always found innovative ways of enjoying their game. Wealthy nobles and Royalties from around the world often play with elaborate and luxurious cards made from materials like silver.

Magic Cards

Magicians most commonly use card tricks to enthrall and mystify their audience. Special trick cards and magic decks have been used by magicians and everyday people for centuries for various card tricks.

Hand made Cards

The earliest playing cards were all hand made. When card games first became popular in China and in some European countries, the playing cards decks were all custom made by skilled artisans. However, even today it is possible to get hand made cards.

Hunting Cards

Since pre-historic times hunting has been an integral part of the human lifestyle. It is not so surprising then that hunting scenes were often depicted on playing cards in the ancient times.

Woodblock cards

When card games initially became popular, unusual items were first used as playing cards. Wooden blocks were often elaborately painted and used as cards. Woodblock cards also remained popular for centuries in many parts of the world.

Mahjong Cards

Mahjong had first originated in China and over the years it has became one of the most popular games in the country. Mahjong is now also well known in the western countries.

Orient express playing cards

Every once in a while cards manufacturers come up with innovative themed playing cards. The Orient Express playing cards are one such pack of playing cards.

Special Packs

Serious card players and collectors are often looking for special card decks rather than the inexpensive varieties that are found in the market. Special packs are often sold by personal collectors, specialty websites and card manufacturers as limited edition playing cards.

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