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Orient Express Cards

Card collectors are often looking for innovative cards for their collections. It is not very often that special edition card decks are introduced in the market. And often when such limited editions are introduced, they are quickly grabbed by serious card collectors from over the world.

Special design cards

Serious card collectors are mostly looking for cards that are innovatively designed court cards. In the earlier times, the court cards were mostly all different in each card pack. Some of the earliest playing cards often had hand painted court cards that used to be elaborately designed. In most playing cards, scenes from everyday occurrences were integrated into the designs. The designs of the cards were mostly different than each other since every artisan would design the card based on what they found the most inspiring.

Orient Express playing cards

But every once in a while card manufacturers come up with special edition card packs which are based on unique themes. The Venice Simplon Orient Express playing cards are one such excellent example of unique card decks. These cards were designed by Gerard Gallet’s studio which is based in France. Of particular note are the court cards in these packs. The figures represented in these court cards were designed based on the passengers that typically used to travel in luxury and style in the 1920s and in the 1930s.

The joker in the decks is also based on a character from the same period of a railway guard. This unique collector’s card set is sold in leather covered box which is lined with satin on the inside. The cards themselves have gilt corners and are printed on the best quality material of cards. The pack contains two jokers, 52 cards and two extras. These Art Deco train design cards were made so that they would be attractive to families as well as to the serious card collectors. The original edition decks are very difficult to find today; however, other decks which are based on the similar theme can be found on various websites as well as some specialty card collection shops.

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