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Handmade Cards

Card games were first known to be played in China in 9th century when it was known to be played with leaves. Over the years, card games spread on to different countries and playing cards evolved to what we known them as today.

History of handmade cards

The earliest playing cards were all handmade. Skilled artists used to make these playing cards themselves by painting elaborate designs on parchment, palm leaves, seashells, wood and several other materials. Even expensive material like silver was used for making playing cards, on which these intricate designs used to be engraved.

Today, since card games have become so popular, card-manufacturing companies manufacture them in bulk by printing them in large batches. However, handmade cards are special and cannot be compared with these bulk printed inexpensive cards.

Handmade cards today

Certain artists still design and publish custom handmade playing cards from time to time. However, such cards are very rare and are always published in limited numbers. Also, handmade cards are quickly purchased by card collectors from all over the world so it is quite difficult to acquire a pack of handmade card made by a skilled artist.The best part about handmade cards is that unlike the regular deck of cards that we normally find in the markets, these cards are designed with great care and are often hand painted. Several artists would also custom design a deck of cards as per the requirement of clients and would often make them from expensive paper and the case can also be made from engraved silver or with any other luxurious material if required.

Several designers often come up with very innovate decks with elaborately designed court cards. However, getting a custom deck out in the market can be very difficult. Traditionally, Playing cards need to be published by someone before they can be printed and put out in the market. However, this can be really expensive which is why very few custom handmade cards are seen in the market.

Unless a major publishing giant agrees to back the design and put it into printing, there’s not much chance that these decks would hit the market. Major publishers have well established distribution channels which ensure that the deck would sell quite a lot of copies to cover the cost of designing and printing them.However, it is still possible to design and get a small batch of limited handmade cards printed and introduced in the market. The cost of printing even a few dozen handmade decks can be quite expensive, even if the cards are not hand painted.

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